Cande Carroll

Cande Carroll
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
Cell: (607) 227-2978

Real Estate is All about Relationships. And the sweet ones are best!

My philosophy that life is a delicious flow of the relationships we make carries through to my work in real estate clients. But what attracted me to this business?
Cande Carroll
The appeal of Ithaca and the Fingerlakes region after living seven years in East Africa was its natural beauty, our sparkling Cayuga Lake, its international community and Cornell's renowned Hotel School. I joined Houragency a few months after arriving here, and worked in all aspects of the Ad Business-- administration, sales, design and production. Later the opportunity to combine my love of travel-- in particular the Caribbean-- with my marketing and PR background connected me with Divi Resorts and Casinos, which owned properties on ten Caribbean islands as head of Advertising and PR.

As I said, "Life is all about relationships, so after the dust of the dot-com bust settled, I cco-founded a sweet little online dating website called with my sister, E. Jean Carroll, advice columnist at ELLE. My years with GreatBoyfriends, which grew from our own single friends to hundreds of thousands in just months was testament to our premise that Pre-Owned, Pre-Approved, Pre-Adored EX- could capture the country's heartstrings and Oprah came calling. Soon after, GreatBoyfriends was dubbed "The most trusted namein online dating," and I give my clients my word that I will do my best to give them the same level of knowledge, enthusiasm, energy and loyalty that helped garner that praise.

Prior to joining Audrey Edelman RealtyUSA, my husband and I, in working with our own investment properties met and formed relationships with hundreds of wonderful and interesting people. So during that time we created another sweet little website, this time Real Estate oriented, with our kids, Berry and Tiffany, called, completely free for ALL-- Buyers, Sellers, Renters and Landlords-- and people who just wanted to show off where they live, offering real estate listings in a fun, entertaining, lively and very personal way.

As a licensed real estate Salesperson, I listen to what my clients tell me, I
watch what they show me and with the support of the decades of experience and knowledge of Audrey Edelman RealtyUSA I help them find the property that's right for them.

I'll market your property aggressively using the regional print and online resources available, knowing that today's highly sophisticated Sellers will bring to their Real Estate experience suggestions of their own to emply in their property's marketing strategy and that Buyers can use in the search for their new home. I'm happy to list your property or find the right property for you to purchase. I welcome your call or email, and the beginning of a long very sweet relationship!

Oh, and by the way, when I'm not selling and buying property I'm enthusiastically enjoying one of my many interests which include investing, conservation, sustainability & energy efficiency, film & photography, sailing, swimming, skiing, skating, golf, tennis, cycling, rowing, fashion, relationships, advice, nutrition and health & fitness. Life is good, and these are some of the ways I find to share MINE with the people I'm close to.