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Cande Carroll
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Job Loss Protection Program ( H.E.L.P. )


The Job Loss Protection Program is an optional, seller-funded mortgage protection program that helps home owners with monthly mortgage payments if they experience a loss of employment.

The Job Loss Protection Program is part of the HELP (Home owner Education and Loss Protection) program administered by the Rainy Day Foundation.

The Rainy Day Foundation's Homeowner Education and Loan Protection service (HELP) includes a Mortgage Protection Program or Job Loss Protection that protects homeowners if they experience a loss of their employment. Many Americans are concerned with job stability and how they are going to make their mortgage payments if they lose their job.

The unemployment coverage included in the Rainy Day Foundation's HELP service assists in keeping homeowners current on their mortgage payments each month so homeowners can minimize their financial stress while they are looking for a job.

Program Overview

  • Provides up to 6 months of mortgage payments if the borrower (or co-borrower) becomes involuntarily unemployed.
  • Coverage up to $1800 per month.
  • Properties listed for sale by Cande Carroll, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, of Audrey Edelman RealtyUSA are eligible for coverage under this program, though sellers may elect not to participate.
  • Program cost is $500 payable by the seller at closing if buyer accepts the program.
  • Program is offered at no cost to the buyer and cannot be funded by the buyer.
  • Buyer will receive information packet within 45 days of closing to explain program.
  • Buyer will receive an information packet with complete details of program coverage, including how to file a claim, within 45 days of closing.

Advantages to Sellers and Buyers

Seller Advantages
  • Program sets the seller's home apart from others on the market, providing "added value" to attract potential buyers.
  • Home showings may increase due to a higher level of buyer interest.
  • Cost of program payable by seller at closing only if buyer accepts and qualifies for the program.
Buyer Advantages
  • Buyer can purchase home with greater confidence.
  • Program applied if borrower or co-borrower experiences involuntary loss of employment (assuming eligibility criteria are met.)
  • 24 months of coverage; can be used for multiple job losses during period for up to 6 months of payments (assuming criteria are met.)